Mr. Robert Montano First Chairman of Naparima Bowl


(Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism – Naparima Bowl)



Kind of Work

This position exists to coordinate and ensure the maintenance and preventative maintenance of all the buildings, equipment and services at Naparima Bowl. This job also exists to develop and implement maintenance policies and procedures and to ensure compliance with relevant OSHA regulations. The position is accountable for the continuous reliability of the Bowl's equipment, inclusive of electrical systems, equipment and appliances. This position reports directly to the CEO and provides support to both the Technical and Administrative areas to ensure the efficient operation of the facility.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Works in harmony with the CEO and members of the Technical team to facilitate the functional integrity of the buildings, grounds, equipment and services of Naparima Bowl.
  • Coordinates annual system-wide technical checks, service and repair programmes in collaboration with the Technical Coordinator.
  • Supervises sub-contractors who provide services to Naparima Bowl
  • Maintains and operates a diesel-powered plant. (Generator).
  • Ensures maintains of motors, switch gear, starters, exiters, voltage regulators, transformers, transmission lines and a variety of electrical equipment and appliances.
  • Ensures that all electrical lighting outlets are functional
  • Coordinates the Inventory of general stock, spares and sundries
  • Maintains a log of fault/repairs and prepares monthly reports for management
  • Ensures that the Naparima Bowl's grounds and buildings are well maintained
  • Has the ability to issue work permits and prepare scope of works if repairs/maintenance is to be outsourced.
  • Check security cameras as and when necessary.

Other Duties and Responsibilities (These are non-essential and/or infrequent and, if carried   out by someone else, would not affect the essence of the office):

ID -Facilities Coordinator

  • On call for any problems that may occur during non-working hours, e.g. Electrical or Generator problems.

Supervisor Responsibilities: (the number of designation of employees supervised, level of authority to make recommendations/decisions):

  • Agricultural Foreman (1) - has low decision-making authority and schedules the work of the Labourers. Expected to make suggestions for procedures to improve the maintenance of the facility.
  • Male Labourers (3) - no decision-making authority. Expected to make suggestions regarding the maintenance and upkeep of the Naparima Bowl grounds.
  • Female labourers (2) - has no decision making authority. Expected to make suggestions regarding the maintenance and upkeep of Naparima Bowl's administration and maintenance buildings.
  • Watchmen (3) - has low decision-making authority. Expected to make suggestions for procedures to improve the security of the facility.
  • Other workers, e.g. parking attendants

Accountability To:

  • CEO (keeping the CEO abreast of day to day activities and monthly reporting on projects in train.
  • Accountable to the CEO for all aspects of maintenance and responsible for controlling overhead costs for areas which require funding
  • CEO for approval on purchases
  • Recommendations are put forward regarding what is needed for the full functioning and upkeep of Naparima Bowl

Key Contacts (Individuals/lnstitutions with whom the incumbent will have contact and the nature of these contacts):

  • CEO - carrying out day-to-day duties
  • Departmental Heads-carrying out day-today duties
  • All Staff - providing services as needed.

  • Suppliers – addressing the needs of the organization
  • Sub-contractors - requesting services and monitoring the provision of these services 
  • Clients -on an as needed basis for the provision of services

ID -Facilities Coordinator

E.g. of external contacts - Airetech Limited, Dindial - Plumber; Ministry of Works (Electrical, carpentry, painting, etc.), NCPD, Solid Waste Management, Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts (Facilities Manager), etc.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to function well in a high-pressure situation. Ability to work as a team member.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the public.
  • Ability to plan and implement work schedules.
  • Ability to identify maintenance-related problems and to source the relevant contractors to address them.
  • Considerable knowledge of the basic principles and theory of electricity, including knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions of the electrical trade.
  • Considerable knowledge and skill in the use and care of the standard tools, materials and methods of the electrical trade.
  • Knowledge of the controlling standards, codes and laws pertaining to electricity. Ability to locate defects in electrical systems and equipment.
  • Skill in the servicing and repair of complex electrical equipment. Ability to read plans and wiring diagrams.

Minimum Experience and Training

  • Possession of a Diploma/Certificate in Mechanical Engineering Technology OR National Technician Diploma in Electrical/Electronic Engineering OR NEC Diploma in MET/MEEET or equivalent.
  • Possession of a licensed Wireman's Certificate.
  • 5 O'Levels inclusive of English and maths
  • 5 to 7 years’ experience in the industry. 
  • At least 2 years in a supervisory position.

Applications can be submitted via email to:


or mailed to:

Chief Executive Officer
Naparima Bowl
19-21 Paradise Pastures
San Fernando.

Closing date: Monday 16th May, 2016

Naparima Bowl

The Naparima Bowl is inviting applications from suitably qualified nationals of Trinidad and 
Tobago to fill the position of Accountant, on short-term contract in the first instance.

               The incumbent will Head the Accounting Unit.


                1)Reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer

                2)Prepares Financial Statements

                3)Prepares Draft Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure

                4)Prepares projections of Income and Expenditure

                5)Prepares Monthly Statements of Actual Income & Expenditure

                6)Prepares Requests for Releases from parent ministry; monitors Votes

                7)Prepares reports for Board meetings and attends same as necessary

                8)Prepares Pension and Leave Records

                9)Any other related duties that may be necessary


               1)Level II – A.C.C.A. or completing same

               2)Certificate in SAGE 50, 2017 (Peachtree) together with at least two (2) years of competent experience in  

                    using same

               3)Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications

               4)At least five (5) years’ Experience in accounting at a senior level; an in-depth knowledge of government 

​                   accounting and financial regulations would be an asset

               5)Must be able to operate independently, objectively, honestly and make sound financial judgements.

               6)OR, any other equivalent combination of experience and qualifications.

 Applications including curriculum vitae, copies of original relevant certificates, names and addresses of two (2) referees,

 and a contact number should be emailed, no later than Friday 16th February, 2018 to:

The Chief Executive Officer

Naparima Bowl


Tel Nos: 652-2526/652- 4704

Unsuitable applications will not be acknowledged